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Nutrient Dense Fruits & Vegetables
Our soils and our crops are increasingly deficient in the full range of health inducing minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes and secondary plant metabolites. There is a clear and verifiable correlation between soil health, plant health, animal health, human health and societal health.​

Bloomin Minerals restore vital trace minerals to the soil, plants with a full spectrum of minerals available have higher soluable solids content (mainly sugars), which makes them more insect resistant, frost resistant and productive. The end result is better tasting, nutrient dense fruits, vegetables, and forage that is measurable by quantative (BRIX) and qualitive (Taste) methods.

Within a given species of plant, the crop with the higher refractive index will have a higher sugar content, higher mineral content, higher protein content and a greater specific gravity or density. This adds up to a sweeter tasting, more minerally nutritious food with lower nitrate and water content, lower freezing point, and better storage attributes.
Brix and Refractometer
quantity of dissolved solids in a fluid.
Measured in degrees brix:

Higher brix correlates directly with higher mineral content, more 
complete proteins, increases phytonutrients, and vitamins.

Also correlates with 
better flavor, more 
sweetness and longer 
shelf life.

 High brix crops will not 
rot. They Desiccate.
Nutrient Density as a quality standard

When the biological system is functioning at a high level there are direct mineral, vitamin, trace element and nutrient improvements that are easily verifiable in crops. 

This nutrient improvement referred to as nutrient density is the general standard to validate the success of biological agriculture.

From the consumer's perspective, Nutrient Dense crops correlate directly with superior flavor, superior shelf life and a broad range of health benefits related to the body's 
complete nutritional needs being met
Nutrient Loss
Do you intuitively feel that food today is losing its energy, vitality, and sweetness? Apples, broccoli, carrots, and other common garden produce just don’t taste as fresh and delicious as they once did. Depending on the item, their natural sweetness, tartness, crunchiness, and other characteristics may have worsened.
Sadly, most soils have not had proper mineralization. Consequently, most foods are of low quality. This is the fundamental cause of physical and nutritional degeneration. Here's the bottom line: Human Health Starts in the Soil
Bloomin Minerals is an organic humic shale soil revitalizer, returning a broad spectrum of major, trace and rare earth minerals to the soil along with rich organic matter. If nutrient dense, High-BRIX fruits and vegetables are your goal, Bloomin Minerals is an important input to achieving it!
The basic functions of life itself cannot be performed without minerals, either as a major part of the function or as a catalytic cofactor (i.e. - RNA, DNA, sub cellular and digestive enzymes and the utilization of vitamins)