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Turf and Pasture
​Liquid Fulvic Minerals and Enhanced Fulvic Minerals (EFM) are available in 55 gallon drums for large area applications.

Liquid Fulvic Minerals are also available in 1 quart bottles for home garden use and other smaller applications.

Enhanced Fulvic Minerals are the base Plant Derived Minerals plus Enzymes that activate bioactivity in the soil and plants:
A cost effective, organic solution for high quality hay fields, cover crops, forage, healthy golf courses, ballfields, municipal greenways, parks, etc...

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It is important to foliar feed grasses, grains, fruit trees or vegetable plants when growing stage is:

1st: Immediatelyafter germination for grains and vegetables and new leaf growth for fruit trees.
2nd: Just before flowering for vegetables and just before fruit appears on fruit trees.
3rd: Just before change of color of grains, fruits and vegetables.

For crops with multiple harvest times (i.e. tomato, cucumber, eggplant, etc..) the ideal frequency is every 15 days (twice a month), although some farmers use every 10 days for even better results.

For hay crops, apply 3 to 4 times per year. First 4" to 6" growth after cutting.
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